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eaglefit® GmbH  in a nutshell: For 10 years we have been offering highly efficient sports, fitness and product solutions in the field of EMS (electrical myostimulation), with which our customers can achieve their health and sports goals in the shortest possible time, anywhere in the world, with a minimum effort. We accompany people personally on this path. We also guide people all over the world to build their own business with the eaglefit EMS-products.


We are Elke and Jochen Borner – an experienced, young-at-heart entrepreneurial couple with extensive know-how in fitness, EMS (electrical myostimulation), logistics, management, sales and medical documentation.


Since the ideas and wishes of our customers were not implemented by today´s market companions in the way we imagined at the time, we designed completely new models based on customer requirements. We created initial prototypes and discussed them with our team of employees and freelance experts until finalized and from our point of view optimal products were created that were very well received by the market right away.

eaglefit EMS im Studio


eaglefit® EMS SUIT

The wireless eaglefit EMS dry suit offers a unique feeling of freedom during training due to its flexible and at the same time robust material. Due to its rubberized high-tech electrodes, the use of a wet functional underwear is completely eliminated, as all pairs of electrodes lie directly on the skin. The wireless Bluetooth implementation gives the exerciser unlimited freedom of movement. The intensity and muscle response are absolutely comparable to training with a wired studio system, both indoors and outdoors.

eaglefit EMS im Studio



The eaglefit® STUDIO SYSTEM is the perfect solution for EMS training with up to 10 people. The wireless Studio HUB is the heart of the system, which can control several POWERBoxes simultaneously via a stable wireless connection with a range of up to 100 meters and thus enables group training both indoors and outdoors. The „individual“ and „synchronize“ modes in the studio app allow simultaneous adjustment of all exercisers as well as individual pulse control easily and quickly for each participant and muscle group.

eaglefit Pants mit Handtel


eaglefit® EMS PANTS

The eaglefit® EMS PANTS are particularly suitable if the focus is to be placed on an intensive training of the leg and trunk muscles. Additional electrodes on the adductors and abductors provide an intensive training of the lower body. Whether for regression, pelvic floor training or sport-specific performance training – such as triathlon training, the EMS PANTS are suitable for many different objectives.





eaglefit POWERBox


eaglefit POWERBox




eaglefit EMS Belt

EMS Belt



eaglefit HOME EMS App


In 2011, we founded eaglefit GmbH and initially developed and marketed Sling-Trainer. This was quickly followed by other products, such as the centrally fixed and curved chin-up bar made of ash wood or the Sling-Trainer with aluminum handles and ball bearing pulley.

In 2016, we moved into the newly built company building in Tuchmacherstraße in Langenau, which is still our headquarter today.
At the same time, we launched functional training in combination with EMS systems with great success and developed numerous training concepts for a wide variety of requirements.

We founded several EMS studios, in which we gained valuable experience in the EMS training field with our trainers. In 2019, these insights flowed into the development of our apps and our own wireless EMS system with dry suits. The apps and our own EMS systems were placed extremely successfully for the HOME and STUDIO areas and are in a constant process of further development.

Since 2021, we have been internationalizing the marketing of our products via distributors, who can each be granted exclusive marketing rights for one country. We are happy to accept applications for a country or region at

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I am the founder and owner of the EMS studio WNDRLND-Fitness in the heart of Munich. My customers love training with the eaglefit suit. Training has never been so versatile and uncomplicated. Even experienced EMS athletes are surprised that this kind of training works so great without cables and wetting the clothes. All thumbs up for this system!“

Thomas, WNDRLND-Fitness

„As a young athletic person, I was never a fan of EMS, of sports where you hardly have to move, as I thought at the time.
Nevertheless, I was curious and due to an injury I was looking for a real alternative for that time. After the first two or three EMS training sessions, I was thrilled. I was surprised by the feeling of the muscles and the subsequent muscle soreness, even though I had been in full training before.
It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to get my own EMS suit, and it took me just as little time to make the decision to choose eaglefit. I was simply convinced by the quality and service, as well as the unbeatable price-performance ratio.
I now train regularly with the suit: in front of the TV with a workout class, in my own home gym with and without weights or also in combination with the Sling-Trainer from eaglefit. For me, the EMS suit is the perfect complement to my weight training and soccer training.
I was also amazed at the service, so fast and uncomplicated I could send in my suit and get it repaired a few days later when an electrode was defective.“

Marvin, Customer

We have been using eaglefit in our studio for about 2 years. Our customers also use it in our studio or at home. We have been on the market with our studio for about 10 years and have already been able to test several EMS providers. eaglefit is very good in the price-performance ratio and the repairs are processed uncomplicated and fast. A contact person is always available within eaglefit’s opening hours.“

Andreas, impulse Fitness