eaglefit® THE IDEA

When the idea of combining functional training with EMS training came up, we expanded in 2016 and set up our headquarter in Langenau’s Tuchmacherstraße. Since then, we have been offering our customers the combination of functional training and electrical myostimulation (EMS). We are fascinated by the possibility of activating muscles deep down with impulses that mimic human bio-impulses, without even lifting heavy weights. The fact that this is easy on the joints is obvious, and in combination with Sling-training we have come full circle – we have created a highly efficient workout that is also easy on the joints. muscular imbalances are compensated – because the muscles are addressed systemically correct and wrong executions or wrong postures are avoided.

We cannot confirm that EMS training is something for „lazy people“. While it is true that it is theoretically also possible to simply switch on the suit and let it work, our customers achieve the highest efficiency by combining the suit’s bio-currents with functional muscle building or endurance exercises. The goals are achieved with less effort in less time with less stress on the joints.
We built several studios in urban centers in Germany and gained valuable experience with this form of training. Due to the pandemic, the desire of our customers arose to be able to perform this high-quality, functional EMS training in their own 4 walls. Which led to the fact that at the end of 2019 we launched the first HOME EMS system for EMS training at home, in the office or on the road, and until today we distribute and develop it with great success.

eaglefit® enables people in every household around the world to maintain their fitness and health into old age with the eaglefit® eaglefit® products, regardless of place and time.

Since 2021, we have been internationalizing the marketing of our products through distributors, each of whom is granted exclusive marketing rights for one country. We are happy to accept applications for a country or region at global@eagle.fit.

EMS Functional Training